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Learning Priorities 


At Royals nutrition is at the forefront of all our supplied meals. We provide morning and afternoon tea as well as occasional celebration family meals such as Matariki and Christmas. Nutrition plays a vital path in children learning and development (both physically and mentally).  

Royals Pēpi and Early Learning Centre is a centre-wide lunch box centre. The children thoroughly enjoy this, and it promotes independence and encourage self-help skills in preparation for school.

Our teachers do regular baking with the children, which provides them opportunities to engage and learn a range of food preparations skills and fine motor movements such as pouring, sifting, spooning. Not only is preparing their own food sensory experience, it has many other learning factors such as mathematics and science. Children love preparing their own food as it brings a sense of joy and pride.

Community, Connection & Celebration

Parents love the rich sense of community at Royals Pēpi and Early Learning Centre, and our curriculum reflects our philosophy for strong relationships. Here at Royals we take pride in building strong, meaningful and valued connections with our children, their families and whānau. Celebrating with them and being part of their lives we feel is the biggest privilege. These close relationships help form a foundation for the children in our care to discover their true cultural identity and who they are in this big wide world. Some of the events we love celebrating which brings us all together are Easter, Matariki, Chinese New Year, Language weeks, Cultural Day, Mothers and Fathers Day and Christmas. .

Portfolios & Storypark

Storypark is an online platform our teachers and whānau use to share their child's learning. This app allows whānau to share special moments that happen at home with the teachers, and allows teachers to document children's progress here at Royals. This platform uses photos, videos and audio to capture your child's learning and keep a record of priceless memories. It is amazing for our children who have family far as away as it can be share by as many family members as you wish. Sharing priceless memories with the child's family and whānau ensures that no one feels like they are missing out. It is a great platform to build close relationships and get to know whānau who don't live locally. 

Although we love to use Storypark as an online platform to communicate with parents, we also use paper portfolios for each child.

Children enjoy finding their paper portfolio and reflecting on their past activities at the centre. It is a fantastic way for children to engage in self-recognition and reflect on their personal development.

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