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Learning Priorities


Knowing God’s Love

At the heart of our Christian faith, lies the belief that God has a big heart for people and the world He created. It is our heart-felt desire to reflect and teach this love to the children in our care throughout every aspect of our centre. Our program includes a Christian curriculum where children are taught about God through bible stories, songs, and prayer; however it is paramount that our Christian ethos is mostly reflected in the loving and respectful relationships we have with one another. 


Relationships are the foundation of our teaching practices at Royals. We believe that when children feel known, loved and celebrated, they are ‘emotionally satisfied,’ resulting in their engagement in play, where quality learning takes place. Our teachers are committed to fostering and building relationships with every child where they are affirmed as both individuals and within their cultural identity. This is also supported by all of our parents and whānau. Their continuous support is of great value to our centre!

A Rich, Playful and Peaceful Environment

We believe that children learn best through play. We endeavour to provide an environment that provokes creativity, encourages children to think and wonder, challenges the child’s capabilities and expands both their knowledge and understanding across a range of experiences. Our rural based setting allows children to connect with nature, which supports in fostering a peaceful environment. We aim to create an aesthetically pleasing environment which evokes feelings of warmth, simplicity and comfort that allows children to focus on what matters – their creative play with peers and time communicating or working with their teachers. 

Creativity is the heart of all learning 

At Royals we believe that each child is born an artist and creator. We provide an environment enriched with resources which will promote children’s creativity and artistic identity. This peaceful creative space allows children to explore a range of mediums which will develop a range of their fine and large motor skills. 

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